FX36 Defender Forestry Mulcher

Sizes: 36"

Product Model Specifications

Cutting Width 36"
Overall Width 67"
Weight 1500 lbs.
Cutter Tool Station 24
Teeth 24
Hydraulic Flow Req 20gpm
Hydraulic Pressure Req 3000 psi
Cutter RPM 1800



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The FX36 Defender Forestry Mulcher is the latest in the Defender line of Mulchers. Engineered to work efficiently with mid-sized excavators from 16 to 30 thousand pounds. It is the perfect tool for property maintenance, to clear a right-of-way, open up a view, or to create a defensible space in areas where wildfires are a threat.

Like all BrushHound Attachments, it is durable, dependable and easy to maintain. Cutting capacity up to 8” continuous. BrushHound is continuing to innovate the attachment market and here is why.

Key Features

  • Quadco Cutter Knives. Easy to change. Four positions, one-piece steel alloy
  • True Shaft Technology. An electronically balanced cutter drum with serviceable hubs to ensure straight shafts that run smooth for years of reliable, vibration-free operation
  • Hydraulic Direct Drive. Increases efficiency, power and torque; reduces maintenance
  • 12.75-inch Cutter Drum.  1,800 RPM, three-quarter inch thickness
  • Extra-Strength Thumb Saddle. Serrated edge works with excavator thumb to grab and remove debris or obstacles
  • Engineered for Mid Sized Excavators. Only 20GPM hydraulic flow required
  • Cuts Material Up to 8”. Heavy brush, vines, trees.


The FX36 Defender Forestry Mulcher is a fixed-tooth cutter that weighs 1500 pounds. It is designed to operate on the standard thumb circuit on all 9-14 ton excavators. Its Quadco cutter knives have four positions and will make short work of trees up to 8 inches in diameter as well as vines, grasses and other material.