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Manufacturing Vrisimo flail mowers and brush shredders for American agriculture. Providing our dealers with high quality and affordable orchard equipment for their customers, and providing our customers the finest quality equipment.


  • Farm Show Bucks is Back! Our Farm Show Bucks Promotion has begun.  Contact your local dealer for more information.

Did you know:

Why a flail mower or shredder? A world without flail mowers gets overgrown pretty fast. Flail mowers and shedders cut clean, leaving uniform mulch. Vrisimo Equipment Co. offers more choices to ensure the right mower for your conditions.

Why buy American made? More than ever, there are foreign made copy cats on the market. Don't be fooled by an inferior product.  Know what you are getting when you buy your flail mower.  Trust Vrisimo's nationwide dealer system to have the parts you need when you need them.  Any questions on why to choose American?  Call our American H.Q. and factory at 800-426-5615 for more information.

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Valley Tool & Mfg is the largest buyer of Super Tuf scoop knifes in the country! Dealers call now for quotes!  


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