Vrisimo Mowers and Shredders

We will be at the Georgia Pecan Conference March 24th, 2015 and the Western Pecan Growers Conference in Las Cruces, NM on March 1st.

Farm Show Bucks has started!
$600 off of Orchard LP, Pulverizer and all brush shredders
$250 off of Mighty Max, Super Series mowers
$1000 off of all Windmill Spraymaster products

Get your best discount from your local dealer, then recieve an additional discount listed above.
As you can see the Vrisimo brand has undergone a rejuvenation. Vrisimo has made a major commitment to continue to bring new innovative products that last for decades - in true Vrisimo style.
Vrisimo has released two new products in just this year, the Sanitizer Orchard Flail and the MiniMax Flail Mower.  The MiniMax retails for just $3995.
It is noteworthy that Vrisimo or it's parent company Valley Tool has not undergone any ownership changes.
Did you know:
Why a Flail Mower or Shredder?  A world without flail mowers gets over grown pretty fast. Flail mowers and shedders cut clean leaving uniform mulch.  Vrisimo Equipment Company offers more choices to insure the right mower for your conditions.  Call our American H.Q. and factory at 800-426-5615 for more information.

Vrisimo was born in Chico, CA and continues to be built in California till this day.


Coming Soon:
Vrisimo's 50th Anniversary Celebration
The exclusive Vrisimo Orchard Sanitation solution

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